Group FAQs

The Emmerdale Village Tour is BACK! Escape to the Yorkshire Dales and go behind the scenes of your favourite soap.


Attraction Name: X


Opening Times: X


Contact name: X


Contact number on the day of arrival: X


What is the contact e-mail: X


Is  there coach parking at the attraction: Yes/No

If No, give details of the nearest place and if any charges apply – X


Are there car parking charges: X


What is the distance from the coach car park to the Attraction: X


What is the suggested length of visit: X


Summary of Attraction: X


Is the guided tour extra or included: Yes/No

If no, included at what Price: X


What is the maximum group size: X


What are the frequency of guided tours (If Applicable): X


Can we split a group?


What is the length of the tour: X


Are there different tours available? Yes/No


Is there a restaurant on site: Yes/No


Is there any food and drink available: Yes/No


Opening times (if different from above):


Can You Reserve Space? Yes/No


Are There Lots of Steps? Yes/No

If so, how many: X


Is there a Lift? X


Where can I park / nearest car park?


Is there an accessible W/C: Yes/No


How many toilets are on site: X


Are pets allowed: Yes/No


Is there an age restriction? Yes/No


Is there a gift shop on site? Yes/No